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It’s never easy...
when it comes to relationships and family.

But we can help to set

things straight.

​The iMediate Promise

iMediate Dispute Resolution is a boutique firm staffed by solictors who specialise in dispute resolution and mediation.


Covering a wide range of practice areas such as family disputes, commercial conflict, workplace disagreements or strata disputes-iMediate Dispute Resolution will assist you to negotiate a settlement without the need for expensive and timely court proceedigs.


Our approach to each case is governed by the client's circumstances and needs. Our clients benefit from negotiations based on thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge of their individual situations.


When mediation is not suitable, we refer our clients to our network of law specialists who will assist to prepare you for court representation.


We specialise in much more than Family Matters- whether it be Civil disputes, Strata matters or Commercial conflict- iMediate Dispute Resolution can help.


Family Dispute Resolution


We have a keen interest in assisting families through separation without the need to refer to the Courts to solve their disputes. Separation is the end of an intimate relationship and divorce is the legal process that ends marriage. However, it usually involves much more than signing a few documents. Going through divorce raises significant emotional issues for most people. In addition, it forces people to think about their futures and those of their children.


Finally, separation and divorce is almost always inseparable from money and property. This combination of financial, emotional and child-related issues makes it important to have knowledgeable and compassionate professional assistance that will address both the legal matters and any associated problems.


Only then can arrangements be finalized, allowing the parties to move on with their lives.


Separation is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Everything you own and have worked so hard for is at stake - your children, your home, your career, and your retirement. Not to mention that your life is turned upside down.


That's where we can help.





"I felt confident with the process and satisfied with the outcome, she was always professional and well spoken… (She) answered all my questions and explained everything to me in a way I could easily understand"


Matthew Riordan, Bilgola NSW "



Headed by our Principal, Liz Atteya, our staff are Nationally Accredited Mediators and Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with years of experience in legal practice.


As a boutique practice, we pride ourselves on meeting our client's needs and having the personal attention and time to REALLY listen.Don't  get lost by sub-standard care and attention.


We come to you! As a value added service, our mediators will travel to meet you wherever it suits you.

Structured negotiation that focuses on ensuring your interests are met-each and every time.


Contact us by email or phone for a private discussion regarding your circumstances

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