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"I think it was helpful for me to be able to express how it was all affecting me. I'm glad I gave the mediation conference a go"

- Bianca - Campbelltown


Workplace disputes are damaging


They can lead to lower productivity, absenteeism, low morale, high staff turnover and bankruptcy. And even if you think a conflict between co-workers is resolved ill-feeling often remains.


With the introduction new Work and Safety regulations, employers must ensure the psychological and physical safety to protect employees from conflict, bullying and harassment. It is a legal requirement to have a dispute management plan in place to prevent as well as quickly and appropriately deal with disputes- getting you back to business.


At iMediate Dispute Resolution, our transformative model of dispute management goes to help the parties gain greater self -awareness and appreciation of each other's needs and motivations, so they can reach a unique and mutually beneficial agreement thereby complying with legislative requirements.

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